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Below are the floor plan types available in Bartley Vue.

The unit mix of the District 19 Condo is 2 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom Premium, 3 Bedroom, 3 Bedroom Premium and 4 Bedroom + Study.

The Bartley Vue Showflat will showcase the 2 Bedroom Premium (Type 2b) and 4 Bedroom Premium (Type 4a).

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The Plus Points of the Floor Plans in Bartley Vue

The apartments in Bartley Vue have regular layouts and are all designed to be very efficient, thus ensuring the floor areas of the apartments are well utilized.

The typical units are situated from the 2nd or 3rd levels (depending on Stack), to the 15th level. They have a ceiling height of 2.9 metres. The penthouses in Bartley Vue are located on the 16th level and have a ceiling height of 4.5 metres.

All units in the development have a Household Shelter (HS), which is very useful for storage. The alternative usage for the Household Shelter is using it as a helper’s room.

As every bathroom is fitted with a window, all the bathrooms are naturally ventilated. Given a choice, most would go for natural ventilation rather than mechanical ventilation as the latter would incur higher energy costs.

All apartments, even the 2 bedroom units, have an enclosed kitchen, which is preferable to the open kitchen layout. As the enclosed kitchen is able to keep the cooking fumes within the kitchen area, it allows for heavier cooking. The living and dining rooms would not be smelling of cooking aromas by the cooking done in the kitchen.

Every bedroom have full height windows, allowing better views from the bedrooms and also permitting more natural lighting to filter into the rooms. The aircon ledges are situated next to the kitchen and bathrooms, as opposed to placing them in front one of the common bedrooms, which will partially block the view of the bedroom.

Besides having full height windows in the Master Bedroom for the apartments which are 3 Bedroom and bigger, there would also be an additional window in the bedroom.

All bedrooms are spacious enough to fit in a queen-sized bed. The wardrobes built in the bedrooms are full-height cabinets, allowing maximum utilization of space.

Out of the 7 floor plan types in the development, 3 of the layouts have an Accessory Cabinet at the side of the Master Bedroom wardrobe. The 3 layouts which has this feature are 2 Bedroom Premium (Type 2c), 3 Bedroom (Type 3a) and 3 Bedroom Premium (Type 3c).

Example of Accessory Cabinet at the side of the wardrobe in Master Bedroom of 2 Bedroom Premium (Type 2c)

2 Bedroom

The smallest unit type in the development at a floor area of 657 square feet, the 2 bedroom has 1 bathroom in the layout.

bartley-vue-2rm-floor plan-type-2a-singapore
Type 2a - 657sf

The 2-Bedroom floor plan of the development has a dumbbell layout, which eliminates space loss from needing to have a walkway to the bedrooms.

Bedroom 2 has plenty of privacy as it is situated next to the main door. The occupant of the room can enter the room without having to cross the dining/living areas of the apartment.

If desired, the unit can even be converted to a dual-key unit by erecting a wall and door between the area of the foyer just beyond Bedroom 2, and the rest of the apartment. Two points to note however is that Bedroom 2 does not have a kitchenette, and the foyer would not be able to fit in a washing machine.

The 2 bedroom apartments in Bartley Vue have 1 bathroom.

The only bathroom in the unit has dual accesses. One of the accesses leads directly to the Master Bedroom, which gives the Master Bedroom the option of en suite.

One plus point is that the bathroom can be naturally ventilated as it has a window. More often than not, 2-Bedroom apartments in the new launch market utilizes mechanical fans for ventilation.

The 2-bedroom layout has an enclosed kitchen, which is rarely seen for 2-bedroom units on sale in the primary market. Open kitchens are more commonly seen for 2-Bedroom apartments. The counter top space in the kitchen is generously sized for a 2 Bedroom unit.

There is even space in the 2-Bedroom floor plan to accommodate a household shelter, which will come in handy when it comes to storage space. Most 2 Bedroom units in new launch developments would not have household shelters or storerooms in their layouts.

2 Bedroom Premium

The 2-Bedroom Premium has 2 bathrooms in the layout.

bartley-vue-2rm-premium-1-floor plan-type-2b-singapore
Type 2b - 732sf (Showflat Unit)

Type 2b is the 2 Bedroom Premium 1 floor plan.

This floor plan type is found on two Stacks – namely Stack 3 and 5. Whereas the other bedroom types are only found in one Stack.

The unit has a parallel kitchen, with the household shelter located behind the kitchen.

The Master Bedroom has a large space next to the bed, which is really ideal for the placement of a baby cot, or a play area for kids.

The circulation space, or in other words, the corridor to the bedrooms, takes up a small area. This adds to the efficiency of the floor plan as less space is wasted.

bartley-vue-2rm-premium-2-floor plan-type-2c-singapore
Type 2c - 732sf

Type 2c is the floor plan of the 2 Bedroom Premium 2.

This layout, which is on Stack 4 and faces North-East, shares many similarities to the floor plan of 2 Bedroom Premium 1.

A main difference between the two 2-Bedroom Premium floor plans in the development can be found in the Master Bedroom. As there is space next to the wardrobe in the Master Bedroom of Type 2c, the side of the wardrobe can be fitted with an Accessory Cabinet.

Type 2b does not have an Accessory Cabinet at the side of the wardrobe of the Master Bedroom.

3 Bedroom

bartley-vue-3rm-floor plan-type-3a-singapore
Type 3a - 947sf

There is option to combine the Master Bedroom and Bedroom 2 should one desires to do so.

If the 2 rooms are combined, the area in Bedroom 2 can be converted to a walk-in wardrobe, or an attached study room.

The wardrobe of the Master Bedroom has an Accessory Cabinet on the side of the wardrobe as there is sufficient space next to the wardrobe to accommodate this feature.

3 Bedroom Premium

The 3 Bedroom Premium apartments have a bigger living and dining rooms compared to the 3 Bedroom units.

There is also the inclusion of a WC next to the kitchen for the 3 Bedroom Premium floor plan type.

bartley-vue-3rm-premium-1-floor plan-type-3b-singapore
Type 3b - 1044sf

Type 3b is the floor plan of the 3 Bedroom Premium 1.

The kitchen has more counter top space for this unit type compared to the 3 Bedroom Premium 2 (Type 3c).

The Master Bedroom for this apartment type is very spacious, with generous walkway around the bed. The wardrobe is stylishly set between 3 walls in the corner, so you would only see the sliding doors of the wardrobe.

The full height windows for 3 Bedroom Premium 1 runs slightly longer than that of the 3 Bedroom Premium 2, as it is L-shaped.

bartley-vue-3rm-premium-2-floor plan-type-3c-singapore
Type 3c - 1066sf

The floor plan of the 3 Bedroom Premium 2 is Type 3c.

This unit offers more privacy for the living room as the main door opens into a small foyer, and does not look straight into the living room.

In comparison of the dining rooms of both 3 Bedroom Premium types, the dining room of Type 3c can be more brightly lit by natural lighting from the balcony sliding windows as it is situated nearer to the living room, whereas the dining room of Type 3b is separated from the living room by a walkway and is thus, further away from the balcony.

The wardrobe of the Master Bedroom has an Accessory Cabinet as part of the wardrobe. As the wardrobe of 3 Bedroom Premium 1 (Type 3b) is set between 3 walls, there is no space to fit in an Accessory Cabinet at the side of the wardrobe.

4 Bedroom + Study

With a size of 1,356 square feet, the 4 Bedroom + Study is the biggest unit type in Bartley Vue.

Type 4a - 1356sf (Showflat Unit)

The 4 Bedroom + Study apartments has a Junior Master Bedroom in the layout.

There is a Jack and Jill bathroom between Bedroom 3 and 4, allowing both rooms access to one spacious bathroom.

Hence, all 4 bedrooms in this floor plan type are en suite.

The Study is positioned near the Master Bedroom. It can be incorporated as part of the Master Bedroom by moving the door of Master Bedroom forward to before the opening of the study room. If this is done, the area of the Study, besides using it as an home office or study room, can be used to place a dressing table and cabinets displaying the accessories and jewelleries of ladies.

The huge kitchen area of the 4 Bedroom + Study is segregated into a dry kitchen and a wet kitchen.

As the dry kitchen is situated in the air-conditioned part of the home, it provides a cozy setting for light food preparation. One can also interact with family members, or guests, while preparing food.

The dry kitchen has two countertops. The countertop nearer the main door can be used either as an area for meal preparation, or as a dining table, with the side closer to the main door designed to seat two person.

The other countertop of the dry kitchen has more cabinets and comes equipped with a steam oven and a wine chiller.

The wet kitchen is very big. Besides bearing similarities to the 3 Bedroom Premium apartments in having a Water Closet (WC) and a Household Shelter (HS) joined to the wet kitchen, there is a Yard area next to the kitchen.


The Penthouses in Bartley Vue Condo are located on the 16th floor of the development.

The main difference between the penthouses and the typical units is that the penthouses have a double-volume ceiling of 4.5 metres in the living room and dining room.

The floor plans of the Penthouses are found in the respective floor plans of the typical units. In the floor plan, the areas of the living room and dining room for the Penthouses are boxed up in a rectangle with a cross in between. The high ceiling area is considered as strata void area and is chargeable.

The photo below shows an example of the Rectangular Box marking out the High Ceiling area of the Penthouse of the 4 Bedroom + Study. The void area is also listed down in the floor plan.

Example of Rectangular Box with Cross Marking Out the High Ceiling Area of The Penthouse of 4 Bedroom + Study (Type 4a)

With the higher ceiling height of the living and dining rooms of the Penthouses, the windows of the living room of the Penthouses would correspondingly be higher and bigger than the living room windows of the typical units. With a bigger area of windows, there would be more natural lighting filtering in the living and dining rooms during the day. More natural lighting will not only make the rooms look brighter, it will also improve the aesthetic of the rooms.

In addition, the high ceiling in the living room and dining room of the Penthouse not only make the apartment appear bigger, but it also evokes a sense of grandeur.

From the vantage level of 16th Storey, all the Penthouses are able enjoy panoramic views.

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